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This is the first post in our seven-part series on the elements of brand.

Brand is one of the many elements of marketing; what makes each brand unique is how it applies to the other decisions your company makes. For example, your “corporate” colors may inform what your uniforms look like. Or your typography may influence what signage you use for a new product launch. But there is more to a brand than colors and logos. Remarkable brands have identity and evoke emotion. Have you ever seen a recognizable logo or product that brought back happy memories? Common examples of color invoking emotion include red used in fast food branding. You notice red in McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King’s color palette to name a few. Red invokes feelings of confidence, strength, power, and even hunger. You may notice a variety of these feelings the next time you go to get a meal.

Crystal Clear Messaging

Great brands also send a crystal clear message to their target audience. One example of a company with clear brand messaging is Apple. When most people think of this company, they think of the latest technology from cell phones to televisions. Ads, website designs, packaging, and print are all sleek, modern, and neutral. Messaging is always cohesive and deliberate. You know what to expect from an Apple product because they are consistent with their messaging and the presentation. Review the apple ad below. What do you notice about it? Do your observations match your idea of Apple’s brand identity?

Often, small businesses send misconstrued messages to their most valuable viewers. This is in part because many businesses struggle to define what their brand actually is. We view it as a road map and one big way to communicate your story to your audience.

Six Elements of a Brand

There are six elements we focus on at Creative Spark.

  • Tone
  • Identity
  • Voice
  • Strategy
  • Style
  • Mission

In this six-part series, we’ll dive into why each of these elements is important.

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