Q & A Episode 2

1.) Should I use Digital or Traditional Marketing for my business?

  • Depends on your industry, your business and your goals. 
  • Traditional avenues like television, publications and radio are great for industries with a wide audience and a large budget. (Think Coca Cola and Walmart)
  • Small businesses tend to benefit from Digital marketing like ppc advertising, or social media advertising because it can be low cost. 
  • However, niche markets may want to advertise with publications specific to their niche if they have the ad budget for it (i.e. Storage industry, franchise consultants, specific types of larger known products etc.)

2.) How do I build up my clientele?

  • Start from the ground up. 
  • Get your business plan, business model, target market, and all the fine details worked out beforehand. How can you get clients if you don’t know who they are?
  • It takes time and you won’t get them right away- you have to be willing to put in the work 
  • Choose the right path (either digital or traditional marketing) for your business.
  • Be consistent. Consistency is key. Not just in putting out content, but also the quality of your content. 

3.) Why isn’t my SEO working?

  • This is a form of digital marketing
  • Are you using “white label” techniques?
  • Are the technical aspects correct? 
  • If so, then your seo is working. However there are aspects you can’t control such as domain authority which means the length of time your domain has been established as well as the authority it holds from backlinks. These things take time. Don’t get discouraged. 
  • Keep up to date with best practices and always follow white label techniques. Don’t get caught up in “keyword stuffing”
  • Get your free seo audit today!
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