Top 3 Digital Marketing Tools for Small Business

Small businesses often struggle to find tools they can afford, that still meet their needs. This article describes three of the best digital marketing tools for small businesses to use. These tools help automate your marketing processes, and make the most of your precious resources like time, energy, and money. Without further ado, here are …

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Q & A Episode 2

1.) Should I use Digital or Traditional Marketing for my business? Depends on your industry, your business and your goals.  Traditional avenues like television, publications and radio are great for industries with a wide audience and a large budget. (Think Coca Cola and Walmart) Small businesses tend to benefit from Digital marketing like ppc advertising, …

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Brand and Mission

This is the final post in our seven part series on Brand. The previous post was: “What is Brand Style”? What Is it? Your company mission is an element of branding, believe it or not. But what exactly is a company mission? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It is the mission that you hope …

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What is Brand Style?

In our previous articles we covered the elements of brand that focus on messaging like tone, voice, and strategy. What we haven’t covered yet are the elements of brand that create a brand style. Brand style is a combination of color, typography, iconography, and photography. Each company chooses these elements and combines them to create a distinguishable brand style that represents their business. Keep in mind that although these are visual elements, they still play a roll in messaging.

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