Administrative Services

Administrative Services based on your unique needs.

Data Entry

Data entry projects can be time consuming. And, if like most small business owners you don’t have an employee to handle these projects for you it can become costly. Creative Spark Administrative Services cover data entry projects. Cost is based on the size and duration of the project so you only pay for what you need.

documents placed on wooden table signifying data entry
person using a mac book pro for project management like at Creative Spark Administrative Services.

Project Management

Big projects need organization and oversight. Without someone to take care of this it can be a hassle to complete large and important projects. Creative Spark Administrative Services offers project management services with flexible rates. Schedule your free consultation with our project management expert today!

Custom Administration Plans

Every business has unique needs and at Creative Spark we understand that. We understand that small businesses may not be ready for full-time employees, but still may need help with day to day tasks. That’s where we come in. For a flat monthly fee we will handle a scope of defined work for you!

crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign for a custom administrative plan.

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